Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tweeters : Here's the Growing Formulae!

Many people ask me about my quick growth on Twitter. I did have 20 Thousand followers by the end of 4 months. Here are few points what I did to make it happen.

1. Identify Successful Tweeters and analyze them
When I started Tweeting, I choose 10 Tweeters matching my interest. They were Guykawasaki, Unmarketing, Mashable and others (didn't choose Obama or Britney Spears, as I knew I cant follow their foot steps).
I learned few things from them -- like tweet links, focus on news, more on social media news and follow people to get reciprocated.

2. Follow people and target best possible group
Its a human factor that most people reciprocate love or favor. I then started following very aggressively, and many times it exhausted the limit set by Twitter.
The simple way to target people is to go to a mass follower (anyone having more following than followers or people following more than 2k people), and follow his followers.

My account was suspended once by Twitter on the same ground but was later released after I wrote them. I had no intention of misusing them, but yes I did it to grow using their own service.

3. Tweet About Social Media
This is tricky, but just think. What is the subject all of the Tweeters are interest in? Its no other than Twitter and Social Media. I Tweeted on these areas and had huge response. Got an average of 3 RTs per Tweet.

4. Make a plan of action and execute it
One great blog article or a wondrful Tweet is easy. But can you make 2 interesting Tweets everyday for 2 months? Not an easy thing to do.
I worked few days on this part and came up with a formula. I do visit Google News, Yahoo News and Google Blog Search, and search for few keywords like Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Economy etc, and collect materials. I Tweet most of those links found there.
This ensured two things -- relevance by keyword search and the fresh updates.

5. Aggressive Tweeting and effective Marketing
If you want to be a successful social media marketer, first thing you need to do is to hold your nerves from aggressive marketing. Be calm, choose few ads for your product or services and keep it ready. Tweet on general stuffs and make readers happy. On the way, throw one or two ads.
I would suggest to go for 90-10 or at the maximum 80-20 where majority should go towards social cause of informating people or discussing issues with them. Smaller part can go for Marketing.
Never throw too many ads. It pisses people off and you may lose your followers.

6. Feeds are fine, but one in an hour
I dont feed aggressively but sometimes have done it. Aggressive feeding from blog or site is the easiest way to lose followers. People want to talk to people and not to Robots!
If you ever use, do not post more than 1 Tweet an hour. Else you give no time posting Tweet and people give no  time reading your Tweet!

7. Form a group and help them
Form your interest group and continuously follow them, RT and promote them for follow. They are sure to reciprocate you and with time grow the horizon.
The people in this group of interest are your best owned asset. Respect them and continuously talk to them. I have a group of around 100 people whom I continously engage; and Tweetdeck provides a facility to build and follow such group closely. Try it now if you are not doing it already.

8. Listen to people and act
The major power of social media is the ability to know what people think. Ask people and listen to what they say, and act soon.
I have seen many people having auto-DMs welcoming the followers. This pisses off most people, and it is very much a seen fact in Tweetersphere talks. Still if you don't turn off the auto-DMs, you are either ignorant or not social.

9. Use #Topic while you talk on Topics
Never forget to use "#topic" while talking on topic of public interest. There are people who follow such topics of their interest and there are many applications which use them. 
I use this function very often, and it brings in many followers and RTs for me.

10. Read and Make People feel that you read
This is the most important action. You should make people confident that you read their Tweets, and this can best be done by replying or RTing others' Tweets. 
Rememver -- If you dont read others Tweets, they will not read too!


Paramendra Bhagat said...

Converting To The Mass Follow Formula On Twitter. Thanks.

@GeorgeKao said...

@leplan - I enjoyed your post above as well as this one (that's how I first found you, via googling see who you're following who isn't following you on twitter.) Thank you for your thoughtful posts!

Regarding your point about using Tweetdeck to group the top tweeters you're following (i.e. people you most want to associate / partner with) -- I've been doing that for awhile, and the grouping feature on Tweetdeck doesn't seem to work. The tweets of many people I've placed into groups are not showing up in those group columns.

I'm now trying Seesmic Desktop. So far, the Grouping is working much better for me than in Tweetdeck.

YouTube has some helpful videos on how to use Seesmic Desktop.

Hope that helps. Keep in touch! I'm following you now :)

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Paramendra Dai and George. Happy to see the good words :)


sandeep varma said...

Interesting observations. Am sure your in depth observations and planned actions started paying off. Thanks for the post. Am already started planning my strategy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author www.bhups.net !
In it something is. Now all turns out, many thanks for the help in this question.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

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