Tuesday, February 24, 2009

82 Days with Twitter : 10 Thousand Followers and More

I started using Twitter on Dec 2nd 2008, thanks to @lokeshawasthy and @bibek. These two folks inspired me to come, and I came to try it. Since then I have come a long way. 
Got a message yesterday from @MrMilestone saying I reached 10 Thousand Followers!! The five digit number gave me some happiness and then I looked at the history. It was on the 82nd day of my joining Twitter. Don't know, if this is a good feat; but seriously felt happy and thankful for the love extended by my followers. Thanks all.

My Twitter Experience has been great. Enjoyed some good conversation with few folks; learned a lot from the people whom I follow. 

Few of the achievements:

1. Just in Time Update
Got to know most news as soon as it happened. Be it political, economic, technical or other; I became more up to date on things.

2. Widen Knowledge Base
Being a Business Consultant and an Analyst, I was lost in my field. I followed people from various background and got to know other areas pretty well.

3. Friendship and Networking
Made friends from all parts of the Globe. Now I have more friends in US than in India (country of residence) or Nepal (my hometown). Wow :)

4. Traffic to Website or Blog
Got huge number of visitors to my blog; surprising but true now Twitter is the biggest source of traffic surpassing Google by more than 50%.

5. Review of Services and Products
I am very grateful to those folks who reviewed InRev services and products. Special thanks to @robertnelsoninc, @greybucket, @justinrfrench, @a_smart_union, @masonronald, @onlinesneh, @bhuttan, @bibek, @lokeshawasthy and others.
The views and comments helped to better our offerings.

6. Increased Personal Branding
It was virtually impossible to make a brand of my own after starting the company in a short time. Product building, serving clients and earning revenue all take time. But thanks to Twitter, it does not take either. I could make a space for myself here, and could prove myself. This has not only given confidence in my partners, but also helped me build profile to talk to external parties, clients and partners.

7. Ideas Sharing and Business Enhancement
Twitter rocks in this area. I Twitted few times on what would people like to see in Economic Reporting Portal, F-Cube, and in ten minutes got 10 replies. Wow!! We are working on providing those facilities and our next release on March 15th will be far better than what our original vision was.

Second, I asked for suggestions on InRev TwitIn, a Twitter Account Management Service, and got 21 suggestions in a day. We worked on those lines and brought the service. It instantly became a hit and surprised everyone including ourselves.
We have brought Reporting, Analytics Ranking and few Account Management functions there. Rest functions are kept for next phase.

8. Own Medium for Marketing and Gained Confidence
Now I have my own medium for Marketing, where I can reach to thousands of people on a click. And Its all free to use. Thanks to Twitter. 
I would never have such facility without it. A small advertisement on a national newspaper cost a lot, and building a reputed blog to market take hundreds of days. Twitter has proved to be the blessing for start-ups like InRev.

9. Increased Efficiency of Talk
Twitter has limitation of 140 characters for each Tweet. I used to get pissed off earlier with this limitation, and even thought of starting a rival with 500 characters (...lol). But after using it for more than two months, have started loving it.
It has increased my efficiency in using words. Less talk, straight message and work done! It has impacted on other works too; I have become more to the point now (my friends say so!! Must be true).

10. Job and Marriage Offer
I started blogging around 3 years back, and it was just because I wanted to share my views to the World. But after a year it became source of job offers, and got few marriage offers too! 
82 days in Micro-Blogging through Twitter has too brought two job offers, and who knows marriage offer might be in waiting :D

--Well That's It for the past 82 days with Twitter. Hoping better experiences ahead. Will certainly share more in coming days. Do not forget to give your comments! Would love to hear what you think on my experience, and love more to know your experience.

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ankita said...

agree with all ur points.

ankita said...

how did u manage 10,000 followers???

Deep Sherchan said...

Ya it must have been a hell lot of ride. We must keep it up.

abra-ka-dabra said...

Hi ,
Congrats on your achievement.It is really phenomenal.Infact,I thouroughly enjoyed our discussion on In-Rev reporting and the idea is still open with me.Will surely get back to u once i have something to work with.

PS:by the way,10000 is a 5 digit number:-)


neha said...

You have a real long way to go.
This is a awesome way to pay back or show gratitude.
Thanks for special thanks :) and thanks for inspiring me to tweet more.

Sneh said...

You might not be able to recognize me earlier so I go again:P
You have a real long way to go.
This is a awesome way to pay back or show gratitude.
Thanks for special thanks :) and thanks for inspiring me to tweet more.

Eric Logan said...

Congratulations on the Milestone, and Thanks for sharing your insights.

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Ankita, Deep, Sneha, Abra and Eric.

@Ankita, My only Twitter principle is : Keep mind open and Follow your heart. I just tweeted how I liked. Will soon write a blog entry on how I think I got 10k+ followers. Please wait till that time!!


Bhalchander said...

Congratulations for using twitter so effectively. Keep tweeting !!


Luisa Santiaga said...

congratulations!!! thats a great number!! i like ur blog a lot!! :)

Harry Crowder said...


Congratulations you have achieved a great deal in a very short time. I found your post quite informative and will be using your tips and some of your ideas when doing my owm Tweets.

Twitter is really an exciting and interesting way to keep up.

I have not been on Twitter as long as you but hope I have similar success.

All the best


Bhupendra said...

Balachander, Luisa and Harry,

Thanks for your good words. Hoping we have good Twitter experience ahead.

All the best.


maikeru76 said...


That's not a number to be sneezed at! We are part of growing number of professionals and businesses all over who are reaping the benefits of social media and most of all, Twitter.

Congratulations and thank you very much!

Imie said...

Excellent post. My twitter ride has been both educational and joyful as well.

Arup said...


Buzzom is great but its still little slow web 2.0 as my twitter account and the buzzom interface is not keeping up [I mean the #s]. Also, You can probably show the Bio in the on mouseover link of the account's name when I put the muoseover. That will be great.

Just my 2 cents.

Bhupendra said...

Arup, Thanks for the good words.

Your suggestions have been passed to Buzzom Team. They should be looking at them, and if possible implementing them too.


sandeep varma said...

Thanks for that read

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