Monday, March 2, 2009

Twitter Experience Bettered : InRev TwitIn

InRev comes up with a Twitter Account Management Tool, InRev TwitIn. It has addressed two major areas:

1. Account Grading
InRev TwitIn Score is a behavioral score built to rate the Twitter Accounts. It is a combination of three important aspects -- Twit Efficiency, Influence and ReTweet rate. For each of these three paspects, it provides individual scores and a overall InRev TwitIn Score is the sum of these scores. Here's what it says about my account: 

2. Twitter Account Management
Through InRev TwitIn one can manage Twitter Account better. You can simply focus on talking to people and enjoy the conversation while following and unfollowing tasks can be left to TwitIn. InRev TwitIn has three functions now:
a) Flush -- Unfollow whoever does not follow you
b) Grow -- Follow new people randomly.
c) Reciprocate -- Follow people who follow you

Now its just simple follow and unfollow, and you cant choose whom to follow and whom not to. This is because of the Twitter API Limitation. The Advanced Follow/UnFollow engine is coming once we get our server WhiteListed.

InRev TwitIn is SAFE and SECURE
Privacy and Security InRev does not save passwords of the users. It performs the actions based on user request only, and no extra action is taken without user permission. InRev Twittin is safe to use and there is no security leakage risk to the user.

Try it out and let me know how you feel. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Great follow-up by Deep in his blog. Get it here.


Sneh said...

Great tool and it worked for me.
It saves time, In just 4-5 clicks my friends on twitter raised by 300(approx).
Thanks for your innovating work.

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Sneh. :)

Stephanie said...

Awesome tool - thank you. What do Fans, Friends, Stars mean?

Anaggh A. Desai said...

Tweet Count : 1054
ReTweet Count : 10
Influence Score : 20
Retweet Score : 0
Tweet Efficiency Score : 0
InRev TwitIn Score : 20

A good tool from a lay person's perspective. What did not work for me was the fact that I am not too enthusiastic about hearing, reading only tech stuff, which is what the Guru's at all the "social media" speak about. This is all greek & latin to me. In such an eventuality, like to choose whom to follow:)

Bhupendra said...

Stephanie, Fans are people who follow you and you dont follow them; friends is a two way follow; and stars are people who you follow with out return favor.

Anaggh, Will have that feature very soon. will update in Twitter.

Thanks guys. Appreciate your visit and the feedback.


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