Saturday, December 13, 2008

Websites for Robots or Humans?

Are you building a Website or a Blog? Think what are you making it for. For a Robot or for Humans.

I know you will say, you are building it for Humans and you don't care for the Robots. But I can give you some strong reasons why you should be caring robots.

Let us take two people building website -- first a Web Analyst and second a Search Engine Optimizer.

Web Analyst picks five points:
1. Site should look attractive; people must enjoy it.
2. Page traversal needs to be easy and friendly
3. Let me put colors blue and red; blue signifying stability and red performance. We are gonna be a company which provides stable solutions with above the market performance.
4. My business model has a ad revenue part; let me put ads on the right hand side where people are likely to click. But will not keep ads from day one; instead start one by one each month after 6 months.
5. Will have to make the site search engine friendly; will define metadata.

Search Engine Optimizer picks the other five:
1. Make w3c standard, and define metadata
2. Create content with as much links as possible
3. Find as many good and similar websites as possible; let me add their link in mine and seek reciprocative favor
4. Add as many keywords as possible in the inside pages; include wrong spelling to the major keywords (let me tap those search queries with typos e.g. laon, loon, loan\ etc for loans)
5. Now let me put adds on the website; and build a good looking website over it.

Great approaches. Do you think, the second one looks so selfish? Well, let me analyze the after effects.

First Site :
Have small number of regular visitors, who are happy with the site. They admire the Website and copy the design for their own site.
Less traffic with little favor from the Search Engine crawlers. Frustration with less earnings and start adding more and more ads with no results.

Second Site :
High traffic but with unhappy visitors. They dont admire the site, but search engines keep on pushing them to this site. Visitors start liking site slowly and when they know the site traffic is huge, they will like more. And even start to write reviews of the site, may be critical!!
Optimism comes with traffic and earnings, and it gives more room for improvement by listening to feedback and market buzz.

Analysis of the Result:
First one has given too much focus on marketing, and to understand others. This can seldom help. Human Nature is not predictive, and mostly what humans like is the success. And they don't like failures however good it be.
Don't agree? Search your inner self and try to answer few questions below:
1. Why did Amitabh Bachan won the hottest Vegetarian Contest? Is he that HOT even now?
2. Why do we worship and admire Gautam Buddha? Is he not the same Siddarth who left his mum and went in search for Peace?
3. Why do you admire Japan and not Somalia? Isn't it the economic reasons behind it? Else who in the World has shown more cruelty than Japanese in World War II!! But still.

The underlying fact is do the best to sell yourself, and don't bother about if anyone like it or not. Just do it and give your best. People will like it at one point or the other, provided you are able to reach them again and again.

Re. robots, be as friendly as you can because they don't change. The thing that can change is either you or the creator of the Robot. Keep track of what the creator thinks, and can do. And change yourself in accordance to how the creater changes his robot.

After all, all we want from a website is its ability to solve our problem. Looks hardly matter. And so does our experience while visiting the site. And in this crowded world, I can hardly remember any sites, all I do is Google. So whatever I like, I will land up to a place where Google The God takes me. Isn't that true for you also?

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