Monday, December 15, 2008

A Sad Morning! But It's Just Fine.

I did everything today what I am use to doing. Woke up, got freshed, prepared and had my cup of tea. Got the newspapers -- Time of India and Economic Times.
Got very excited with the news. ET talks about lowered Interest on Mortgages and TOI talks about India's Historic Win over English Cricket Team. WOW, I am so happy.

Then I opened google reader to see what my blogger friends are saying. There was just one update. Ron Shevlin writes about ending his blogging. 

Well let me tell you guys, Ron's blog was my favorite one. I am very sad to read this post from him. But I remember Abhimanyu, Arjuna's Son, in Mahabharatha and the holy lesson from it. He dies inside the Chakrabeu (a War Technique used by Kauravas forming Concentric Circle and a epicenture of Power) just because he didnt know how to come out. All he knew was to break the circle and get inside, and he did it best. But at the end, he lost his life in the trap. Sad!

It is true that we like few things at times and want to prove ourselves on certain parameters. We get into it and then realise that this is not something we wanted to do. We want to get back but we will have two opposing forces not allowing us to.
1. Inertia -- have been doing for long; and now how can I get back!!
2. Fear -- we fear of losing of what-ever is achieved from it.

I am happy that Ron has overcome both of these factors, and come up strong to end his blogging. His departure is a huge loss for the social media sector; and it has happened when there are not many good Marketing Analytics blogs around. But I am sure someone else will come up to fill this gap, and a perfectionist like Ron will create something more exciting somewhere else. I would love to follow his writings in Aite Group site/blog.

The only thought that is coming to my mind now is -- Why the Hell Favorites have Short Life? Today it proves again ... Good Things Come in Small Packets.

All the best Ron. Have Great Career Forward! Kill it, but please do not destroy it. Let your blog remain.

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