Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twitter Tricks : Getting 500 Followers in 4 days

Few of my friends called me to Twitter. Had known this company for sometime but didn't have so much energy to start something else again. I was already using Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn for Networking; StumbleUpon for time pass; knol and blogger for writing articles etc. I was actually over packed.

But Bibek and Lokesh inspired me to join it 5 days ago. I thought of giving it a try. But a greedy Marketer came to existence, when I read that the success out there is to increase the followers! I thought of a strategy for it with all the analytics I have been doing. The result -- 563 followers till now.

Here is my strategy. It has three principles.
1. People usually reciprocate the favor done to them.
2. People who follow other people like you have high chances of being your follower.
3. The chances of conversion are more with more chances given to people.

Implementation Steps:
Step 1 : Go to the Twitter profile of people who are like you.

Step 2 : Follow all his followers

Step 3 : Everyday check who is not following you at FriendorFollow; if someone does not follow you, un-follow him and then again follow him.
Remember people wont know when you un-follow him, but he will keep on getting mail when you follow. Do this till someone follows you. Test his patience or his arrogance what ever you may call :D

My Plan is to get 20k followers in 3 months. Let me see if I can get that. Do you want to do the same? Let me know if you implement this strategy. Would like to know if it works for you or not.

Good Luck!! Happy Twitting.

Want to add me at Twitter. Please do it now.


Rashmi Ranjan Padhy said...

Good one.

Alison said...

That's a pretty aggressive Twitter strategy. I've found that some people are more likely to follow back if you @ them or offer something to the community.

Toscana said...

This is just spam.
You can have a lot of followers, but also a lot of people hating you.

Steve said...

Too much emphasis is placed on number of followers. Quality is way better than quantity. Also Twitter will evolve as a search engine in its own right then the follower thing becomes less important certainly with regards to leveraging anything.

Bhupendra said...

Steve and Toscana,
This article is written to focus on getting more sales; yes, branding is compromised. This is to facilitate people who want to grow early.

I feel, branding is more about your updates (tweets) and not about you choosing people. If you grow fast, and is able to retain your followers with quality tweets, I see no harm.

Saying this, you guys have point. Respect your view. Enjoy!!


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