Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cover Your Ass or Kick Ass

When you work in a Consulting Environment, you are always challenged to perform. And mostly when you work being a client contact person, its more critical. To survive and grow in this environment, all you need to do is -- follow the following principle.

Cover Your Base (CYB) or Cover Your Ass (CYA)

This theory says, whatever you do never leave anything patchy. Never go wrong. Forget about performance but be stable and perfect.

But again, can you grow if you just keep following this? If you just think or care your ass, how will you work to solve the greater business problems. Serious issue huh!!

Well. Don't worry, there's a solution too. Follow the new principle -- Kick Ass.

Forget about your ass (leave it open), and go on kicking others ass. And all you need to do to follow this principle is to remember its two postulates.

1. Life's purpose is to kick as many asses as possible.

2. The world is full of asses.

Fair Enough!!


Stuart Glendinning Hall said...

Thanks, I like your positive sense of humour!

binit said...

Probably that's why white is the favorite color in chess,
Huns is the favorite civilization in Age of Empires, and they say
"Attack is the best defense".

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Stuart.

Good comparisons Binit!!

Deep Sherchan said...

You article reminded me of a game called Balloon dance..where each one is tide a balloon and the game is to brust other's balloon by kicking....

Winner is the one whose balloon is un brust..

Game of life seems similar

Bhupendra said...

Hmmm. Well said Deep!!

Anonymous said...

That was funny.

CYA was a term we used routinely when I ran a localization company based in South America and servicing American corporations. CYA because the vendor manager at Big Corp. will make you the sacrificial lamb at the first point something goes wrong. It's only two steps from Consultant to Scapegoat!

CYA involved, in our case, proper documentation, paper or email breadcrumbs for everything, developing relationships beyond your Vendor Manager (knowing HIS boss' email address is a major plus!) and of course, DOING A GOOD JOB to begin with.

I like your KickAss! new meme - but when you say the world is full of asses, I think it becomes needlessly confrontational - it goes, from Kicking Ass meaning good performance, to Kicking Someone's Ass meaning confrontation, and Kicking Someone For Being an Ass, which seems almost vengeful.

Let the asses be asses. Cover yours by not being one. That's MY strategy.

Greg Churilov
Marketing Consultant

PS: I'm on LinkedIn: and I accept all invites!

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Greg. Appreciate your feedback.

In the article, kick others ass mean just beating in competition; its not confrontational but competitive.


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