Thursday, January 1, 2009

InRev : Information Revolution Starts Now!

Finally today is the day for InRev to come into existence. It has been a long and challenging path to make it happen but finally we could realise our dream of starting own company. And it has come with a promise to bring Information Revolution in the World.

Last decade has been the period of development for Risk Management, Marketing Analytics and Web Analytics; and these areas have shaped up well. The challenge however remains in the integration of all these services to make optimal decisions.
There are several challenges including making Web Analytics more Marketing friendly, and taking developments of Business Intelligence and Decision Management areas in Non-Web Environment to Web. We have entered the Market to address these areas, and will be working to integrated the Web and Non-Web data to provide an integrated platform.

Company Info:
InRev transforms business by making all possible information available at all times. We combine Domain Knowledge, Trusted Reporting Structure and innovative applications to help companies advance their Business Decisions. We serve across all stages of Business Intelligence and Decision Management areas, right from Data Extraction and Integration, to Strategy Consulting using the Intelligent Insights of the Business.

InRev is the promise to the World to take the Information Extraction and Usage to the next level. We plan to make use of every possible data, and process them to build Killer Apps that brings an Information Revolution in the World.

Products and Services:
• ETL Suite
InRev ETL Suite connects to all types of data sources, and integrates them. It has a Data Processor which helps in creating new variables and preparing OLAP cubes.

• MIS Reporting
Data Visualization, Executive Dashboards and Executive Summary Reports are available at the click of the mouse. It has inbuilt best in class data security measures and tested fail proof architecture to support huge amount and complexity of data.
InRev Reports are very user friendly, and it is probably the only reporting tool in the World to give every user what they want. It has different interfaces for people at various positions. It is sure to be loved by all, from Analysts to the CEOs.

• Analytics and Consulting
InRev provides Consulting Services in various areas of Analytics including Database and Marketing Analytics, and Risk Management. InRev has Consultants, who are experts in Predictive Modeling, Optimization and Portfolio Analytics, Business Rules Management, Model Development and Deployment.

• Decision Management Tools
World has various BI Tools, but yet we thought we will add value. We provide the tools that exactly fit your business needs, and do not burden you with huge costly package. We provide tools for various Statistical tests of the data including Information Value and Single Factor Analysis. Other products include Bayesian Risk Tables, Natural Segmentation, and Objective Market Segmentation etc.

• Professional Services
Huge investment in BI Tools is everyone’s problem specially when there are very few people who can use it. InRev addresses this issue by providing Consulting Experts who can work in client site to solve the business problem or train the internal resources.
The Expertise Areas include SAS™, BusinessObjects™, CART™ from Salford Systems, Model Builder™ from Fair Isaac etc. We also provide consulting services for various open source tools like OpenI™, JasperReports™, Tableu™, and Mondrain™.

• Open Strategies
Open Strategies is the major differentiator for InRev from other Vertical Solutions players. The Open Strategies include two initiatives:

F Cube (Forecasts For Free): InRev brings the latest Macro-Economic Forecasts for the US and Global Economy. And it brings for free for use for all purposes including commercial.

InRev will however charge for any ad-hoc requests made by its clients for specific reports or forecasts, which are not included in the regular offerings. Additional revenue source for this initiative will be the Advertising. 

Cricketing Queries: InRev plans to make a user friendly simulator for World Cricket Reporting and Forecasts. It will include all basic reporting functions from the cricketing world, to prediction of Player and Team Performance.
This initiative will be done in partnership with companies involved in Cricket. Advertisement and Ad-hoc request processing will be revenue sources for InRev.

I am very excited about my new venture, and am happy to have great team with me. Laxmi's background as a successful business person fighting crisis times, and Deep's passion and expertise in analysing Economic Data to make business decisions are some of the major strengths we have.
I have few other folks with me. Will keep updating on them and products and services of InRev in days ahead.

Would appreciate you feedback and/or comments. Please give them via comment to this post or email me.

Very Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a great year ahead.



Anonymous said...

Great way to start the new year, Bhupendra ! Wish you and your new venture the best of luck...I'm sure your hardwork will ensure its success in years to come.

- Madhu

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Madhu :)

James Taylor said...

Congratulations on getting this off the ground - hope it goes well for you. I look forward to seeing what you get up to.

James Taylor

Bhupendra said...

Thanks James.


Romakanta said...

Great news! All the best Bhupendra!!!

Bhupendra said...

Thank you :)

Rick said...

followed you in from your tweet, just to see what you are writing about. Looks like I came at a good time. Best of luck on your new journey.

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Rick. I badly need the wishes :)

Prateek said...

Hey Bhupi, Congrats....!!!! All the Best...!!!!

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