Monday, December 1, 2008

Economic Crisis Hit : Move to Work From Home

There are many reasons now to work from home and avoid going to office. If you are in HR or in Operations, better think early.

1. Low Power cost -- you don't have to pay for electricity for Employee's home.
2. Terrorists might attack the office premise but they are not going to bomb multiple employee's house. Maximum they can attack a person, and that also have less probability.
3. When people work from home, they end up working more than they do at office. Being at office can be their excuse for low productivity, but when its work from home they will have to show productivity through results.
4. Save office space cost.
5. Save Office Maintenance Cost including Tea/Coffee and snacks, toilet papers, printing paper etc.
6. Have least tension in your head; employee enjoy home and you enjoy your smooth business ride.
7 Above all score high in Employee Satisfaction score.

If your company is hit by economic crisis, then certainly think of it. IBM and CISCO has started moving this way. It might be your turn now.

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