Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fighting the United States of Terrorism

Terrorism, bombings and killings have started taking a big space in our thought. Thanks to the regular bombings in the Indian cities. We fear, we feel anguish and we condemn; and then we again get our live going. We are after all working class people, and have to work to earn our living.

Recent Terrorist attacks in Mumbai however was different. These Terrorists were cold hearted people, who had no demands or no goals apart from killing, destroying and they were prepared for death. The fight went for around 60 hrs with many security agencies of India fighting to end the crisis. Even the NSG believes that the mission was not easy, and they had to give their best to bring those terrorists down. This is surprising!

There are many rumors about the cause of the attack, and many more regarding the involved party in it. Interestingly Deccan Mujahidin has claimed responsibility, and investigators have found Pakistani and Malaysian links. Whatever the cause be, it is condemnable and action needs to be taken against these people, where ever they are. They need to be tracked and acted with force. This is something everyone believes.

Few questions that arise in my mind are:
1. Does LeT and other Pakistan based Terrorist organizations have the capability to take such deadly steps?
2. Did Pakistan based Terrorist organizations get active help from Al Quida?
3. Attack on Jews, Americans and Britons show sign of bigger mission. Is this linked to Hamas, Hizbollah or the Likes?
4. Is Indian Police force so unprofessional to not control the indiscriminate firing in its Central City Railway Stations?
5. Does ISI actively involve itself in War against India? Or some other outfit is trying to sour relations between India and Pakistan?

The questions are plenty. The cause of worry is increasing. It is also increasing because the level of attacks have increased. This was one of the most sophisticated attack anywhere in the World. And India is chosen for it. Does this signify that India is in limelight of International Unified Terrorist groups?

Whether or not India is in the limelight, one thing is sure. There is a deep co-operation between all such out fits. And this has to tackled giving the respect, and an International Body needs to be formed to tackle this. And this body should not only look at current trends of Terrorism and counter insurgency, but need to go to the root of all such attacks, and address the concern.

After all killings and counter killings does not end dispute. It increases further. Everybody should understands this and act responsibly.

Having said this, India's preparation for Intelligence and Counter Insurgency seems very poor. Needs to upgrade it to a great height to match the best in the World. Minister's resignation does help little to stop such acts, it can only calm people. When India is poised to become future Super Power in next 30 to 50 years, it needs to have its Intelligence Agency matching CIA, KGB or Mossad. And it needs to be prepared to launch counter strike with professional force like NSG within an Hour in any location in India.

This might look more important to India's space program for now. And many people have commented that India needs to focus on Internal Security and serving hungry poor, and not waste money in Space Missions. But India should not stop progress to gain stability.

We should not over react to make our future look dark. We want to live in peace, but that should not mean we compromise on Optimism for the coming generations. Space Missions and Scientific Researches should go on, and our Economic Growth should move ahead. Whatever comes by will have to tackled Professionally with the aim of beating their cause, and not only the Terrorists.

If this attack is to hinder India's growth, then more growth is the answer to them. Not an Army launch along the Pakistan border but working with Pakistan Govt. for better Defense and Trade ties is the answer.


Ranjit said...

Good thoughts ( stumbled on to your Blog).This country responds ONLY when there is enormous crisis. And then it enters another paradigm. It happened in 1947 after Gandhi got us to get a frustrated England to leave. It happenned in 1971 when Indira cut up Pakistan in half. It happened in 1977 when India threw out Indira and it happened in 1991 when a penniless India finally let go the license Raj. And it will happen NOW. I think after the Mumbai attacks there will be reform of a magnitude not witnessed in the last 5 years.The Congress has nothing to lose..and everything to gain to make the last 100 days trailblazing.

Bhupendra said...

Yes Ranjit, Indian Govt have always been reactionary power. So something is expected now, and I do believe that Congress will use it remaining days in Office before elections in a much better way taking serious steps. Lets wait and watch.

-- Bhupendra

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