Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Do Europeans and Australians Over React?

When there was bombings in London and Madrid, there was no big cry in India or any Asian countries. It was taken as a security failure and everyone believed that the respective countries will take care of the situation.

Now when there is terror attack in Mumbai, touring English Cricket Team choose to leave India citing security reasons. They left the 7 ODI series in the middle with India winning the series 5-0. Was this done to save it from becoming 7-0? Or is it usual practice of pulling touring team back? I am not sure of it.

England and Australia are masters of pull-out. They have done similar things with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe earlier. Now they have done to India. Should not this be reciprocated by these Asian nations saying they wont tour those countries too? Or is England safe and Asian not safe for Cricket?
England, Australia and New Zealand have even started talks about shifting World Cup 2011 from Asia to Australia-New Zealand at the time when more than 80% of World Cricketing budget come from Asian four. What does this signify? I have some serious reservations against the bias people outside have against South Asian Nations.

Europe's over reaction stories are plenty. Once Europe used to be one of the best destination market for Nepalese Hand Made Mats, and many people took bank loans to produce these high quality Mats. The economy was booming, and Nepal was gaining good here. Suddenly a news came from European Union regarding banning of Nepalese Mats for use of Child Labors. It was a great step taken by the Developed and Civilized Nations to preserve Child Rights, which ended many villages around Kathmandu into becoming Banks' NPAs. It not only harmed the children but their parents too.

Shocking!! This is a reality. Europeans and Australians often Over React. These are just few example. And no one knows when their rights or environment agenda comes to hurt you. Anyone knows why they do it? Or it is us who does not do it?


Anonymous said...

Bhupendra, while I certainly understand your feelings and convictions on such issues, I do hope you would separate them out into a different personal blog. I loved your posts on Analytics related stuff, and I hope you do justice to the quality of your past posts and your target audience - please have a distinct identity for your analytics blog.

Just an honest opinion from a regular reader.

- madhu

DN said...

the difference is that the terrorists in mumbai were targeting British citizens, whereas the terrorists in London were not targeting Indians.

Bhupendra said...

I beg pardon for going off track. And I highly appreciate your feedback through comment.

I will think of blogging the off-track stuffs in a separate blog.

Thanks for putting down your opinion.


Bhupendra said...

I think, I agree with you on the point. But talking of shifting World Cup 2011 does not sound good to me. These type of talks actually demoralizes people of South Asia. Hoping you understand.

Thanks for putting your view.


abecee said...

It's very hard to fathom the depth of understanding of the western nations.Take for instance The countries who supplied arms to fight against freedom struggle in Sri Lanka.India being a regional super power having it's own internal problems went on to crush the freedom of Eelam Tamils. It's this existing double standard Indian attitude persuaded the England and Australia to back away from Playing Cricket. Not a single genuine government is interested in solving their own problems as Lots of money change hands in exotic arms deals. A former Indian Prime minister was also implicated in an Italian arms deal. These and other factor are playing vital role in deciding let alone playing Cricket in Asian countries.

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