Thursday, November 27, 2008

Death of Personal Blogs?

Most of the highly rated blogs are maintained by group and not by individuals. Seth Godin says in his blog post. And he asks if this is the death of personal blogging?. He says, NO. I agree with him.

Seth has taken the Top 10 Blogs from Technorati or from Alexa or Feedburner. But if you look closely, you will find every new ranking ranks the blogs differently.

(Group Victory is different from Individual Victory.)

Seth is the most successful bloggers, in Marketing Domain, in terms of most rankings. He has huge numbers of feed readers, he has huge number of fan following in Facebook Blog Networks, and he is in Top 20 in Technorati rankings. He might have been trying to move up, and not making it might have forced him to write this post.

But is it necessary to have good ranking? Well yes! If you are involved in any sector then it does make feel good if you reach the top in any rankings. But can you compare Best Movie Award to Best Actor Award? Well, not!
I would take the group bloggers as Movies where the individuals are not as important as their competitors who come close solely. So Seth, there are no reasons to feel bad. Just keep up your good work! You are anyway the best actor in the industry. No matter what the rankings say and how your movie perform.

May be we need some way to measure individual performance. Technorati does not rank blogger but ranks Blogs. A Blogger Ranker is the solution to this issue. Anyone does that? Or shall I start a business out of it? Suggest me!

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