Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terrorist Attacks : Dont only Condemn, but Act

Terrorist attacks are increasing in the faster pace in India, and the World. This shows more than just the failure of the Defense and Home Security forces, it marks the failure of the society as a whole. Govt. should take the leadership and prepare a grand plan for fight such terrorist organizations, and intellectuals need to be trained to train the general public.

I would recommend few things to the Govt. and the Civil Society.

1. We need to Educate People on Terrorism Acts so that people be careful, and fight themselves too. Police or Army alone can in no way stop such acts.
2. Govt. needs to address the root causes from where such terrorism acts originate. There must be some serious flaw to force people take such dreadful acts. Intellectuals and Civil Society should do more work here, as govt. may find difficult to find out such reasons.
3. Govt. and people just needs to focus on their work, and neither should over-react. Terrorism acts does not harm more than what the over reaction does.
One of the reason for US Fiscal and Financial Crisis goes to the over reaction of 2001 Terrorists bombing of Pentagon. The huge defense and homeland security budget gave govt. very little money to spend for Economic Causes. This should not happen in India.

My recommendation is that, use the people power where possible. They will be one who see the first instances or who are hurt. So if they are ready to tackle the situations, expenditure of both the man and materials will come down.

How about starting Martial Arts in all Schools? Just a thought.

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