Saturday, July 14, 2007

Google is no GOD

I could find some problems in Google products.

1. Technical problem in Spyware Doctor available in Google Pack
Let me straight away show the picture that I captured while the problem happened.

While updating the Spyware Doctor, the system hung and the problem remained even when I restarted. Ultimately I had to remove the Spyware doctor once and may be for always.

2. Logical Problem with Product Integration (With Orkut, Email Address does not remain private)
Just follow the following steps to know email address of any Orkut member.
a) Use gmail address to log in to Orkut.
b) Browse to the target user profile and ignore the user.
c) Log in to gtalk, using the same gmail id.
d) Check the blocked email address list.
Now, you can find the email address of the target person.
This makes Google Integrated Product scheme extremely vulnerable. It does not guarantee our privacy.

Hope Google comes up with some viable solution for both of these problems. This is very important for the Google's product users.

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