Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Google Analytics User Review

Google is so kind to offer Google Analytics for free. I have been using it for few months now and I have much praise for it. But that does not mean, it is out of any short comings.

Let me first list out what I like in Google Analytics.

1. User Friendliness

Google Analytics is one of the best site/software to use. I found it very easy to browse in and out of the site.

To know any of the information given, only thing that is required is to click in the word. The link will take to the desired page.

2. Excellent graphics

This picture is self explanatory.

3. Concise and Complete

This table made me feel how complete the information is. It is simply awesome.

4. Excellent use of Graphic Tools

The use of line diagrams, maps, pie chart, bar diagram is simply awesome. I can think no better.

5. Well Detailed

Right from continent, the user source can be traced till the individual city. I was excited (dont know whether you will also).

There are many logical insights that GA gives and many people have earlier discussed about it, so I chose to tell what additional GA has added to the Web Analytics World. So are the features mentioned above.
These features may be neglected by many while chosing the tool but it is prime important to get these features. I would say almost equally to the presence of metric. Understanding a metric is a one time work, while using it is recurring. With ease in using, some time is saved each time the tool is used, and thus increase in work efficiency is obvious.
Also, with better look and feel, the chances of error decreases.

Well, I will stop good words here. There are something that GA lacks. Let me list them too.

1. Cross Attribute Significance
I sometime feel, GA is more like a presentation software than Analytics. It digs into all the major attributes that define a visitor but cross attribute significance check is lacking.

What if I want to know the behaviour of people in US using Internet Explorer? This is not answered by GA. (If it does, please tell me)

2. Actionable Segmentation
It would have been very nice, had GA provided the actionable segments. The segments well characterized by relevance factors like high conversion or frequency of revisit etc. and well described by natural parameters will be the best.

In the absence of such profiled business motivated natural segments, the natural segments of visitors or the major objective segments will be good addition in the present form.

3. Predictive Analytics
GA is all about data mining and presentation. The predictive part is not yet added.

Here ends my evaluation. Please correct me where wrong. And also, please add your evaluation through comments.


Jason h said...

Hey! i'm going to cali this sunday.. gonna be there for a week, this is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash. later!

Biswarup Chowdhury said...

Hey Bhupendra , its a nice post on Google Analytics. But I have a question for the entire web analytics industry as a whole.

When it comes to effective segmentation , after identifying the visitors, i.e., where they came from ; does web analytics tool help in any way to helps to understand the demographic or psychographic dimensions of these visitors as such??

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