Sunday, November 16, 2008

Veggie Drinkers tend less towards Crime

Nepal Police has made a study on the relation between crime and food habit. It says, Veggie drinkers tend to commit less crime than their Non-Vegetarian counter-parts. News coverage here.

This is one of the poorest finding I have seen for long. The concluded the finding on the basis of numbers of number of drinker criminals being veg or non-veg. This is a case of population bias. There are more non-vegetarians in Kathmandu than Vegetarians, and by far margin.

The finding would have been great if they had included approximate numbers for total population, Veggie population, non-veg population, veggie drinkers and non-veg drinkers. The higher number of Non-Veg Drinkers committing crime cannot be a metric at all. They could have judged something else.

If the ratio of non-veg drinkers who commit crime to the total number of non-veg drinkers was high against that for veggies, then there would be some weight in their say.

Sorry Nepal Police. I cannot take your finding.

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