Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama Could Become a War President

Most people wont agree with me here. But I see Obama running his Presidency in more WAR than Peace, and the CHANGE he has promised might just turn out to be a Election Campaign and a raw thought in American Politics.

The first hint Obama has given towards War is his words against Pakistan. Bush was never so clear on his dealing with Pakistan but was successful in getting Pakistan work against Taliban. Obama may lead a major ground work for Nuclear Disarmament of Pakistan. This could be a reason he has four Indian-Americans (Sonal Shah, Anjan Mukherjee, Preeta Bansal, Nicholas Rathod) in his core team. How he carries this is yet to be seen.

I expect Obama to build diplomatic relations with Iran. He will need to do this to act against Pakistan, which he feels is the major source of terrorist activities. This is a wait and see thing again.

His African Origin and non-elitist thought might distance him from his work in Africa. He could work to help Zimbabwe come out of crisis doing great work for Human Race, but this is sure to distance him from the British. This in-turn will help Europe build good bonding amongst themselves. Good news for France and Germany.

Obama is net savvy. He is going to be the first US President of the Youtube and Facebook era. His active Facebook profile and him saying people can find anything they want about him in his Facebook profile is a clear indicator of his network savvy attitude. Along with that 1800 videos in Youtube videos from Obama camp for Elections is another big story.
Now Americans might get a govt. which directly talks to them. Obama will speak where no one ask questions, and first hand and non-polluted information will be available to the World directly from Pentagon and White House. But this will go unchecked too. Might turn dangerous if they went wrong way.

Obama has a Law Degree and is a community organizer. He has deep understanding of the community and is smart at playing with the Law. Will have to see how he uses that to fight the Economic Downturn.
I am sure, he is not good at Economics but seems to be smart enough to learn and implement. Afterall world does not lack knowledge specialists, they are available in every corner of the world. Many do Ph. D.s in Economics and many others are Economic hobbyist, and all have suggestions. Obama will have to pick smart people, and have to safe guard himself from over-dependency with the smart folks.

Obama is certainly a change, and a big change. His Black Origin and White touch; Hussain as his middle name and a Christianity as Religion etc. he is certainly a change. But Americans are the same. They are Performance driven, and are aggressive. Which is in sharp contrast to stability and fun loving Europeans, and he wont be able to change this.
He will have to bring good economic situation and have to keep American Global Leadership intact. This will make difficult for him to discourage outsourcing or pull-off US soldiers from Iraq. But he will have to try doing it, which might make things worse.

Then time will come when Obama's Data Analysts will work. Trend shows that US economy boosts when US goes to War. Result Obama turns to becoming greater War President than G.W. Bush.

What do you have to say here? Would be looking to hear from you.

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