Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama's CTO

I am amazed, and I am happy to know that US President Elect Barack Obama is going to keep his CTO. I am wondering why did he call CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and not CTA (Chief Technical Advisor). CTA would have been a post in line with CEA (Chief Economic Advisor), but now when he is keeping CTO the role needs to be more operational than Advisory. Interesting!!

I am wondering who that lucky person be. Obama might have thought a name for the post. He could be Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Steve Balmer, Bill Gates or Steve jobs. I would support Bill Gates, he just deserves it.
Just kidding, I don't expect these guys to be a CTO of US. They are very technical to be that, but yes, if Obama chose to make someone of this level, it will bring a huge change in the World.

Next important question is, what would CTO do. Will he suggest the President or will he follow what President says. CTO should actually be doing the second. Will have to see what Obama plans to achieve with him. When the Web is going in free use advertisement model, there is little Nation can do to make it to the poor. It already is.
This leaves space for the second mission. He will be working for projects of social cause, like building good monitoring systems and automated e-governance. But I doubt if anything such is left in US to be done.

I fear, and sometime think isn't Obama doing just what he said he wont do. He seems to be taking Capitalism to the next level, and seems to be moving closer to Von Misses. He seems to be creating a govt. which does not own anything but monitors. Govt.s are getting closer to the company, and the only difference being the same customers and investors, the people.

Hillary Clinton is likely to get the Secretary of State. But how about making her Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). She seems a good marketer, and after-all post of Secretary of State is also about Marketing American Policies in the World.

Moving on the same line, how about getting a Chief Information Officer and Chief Policy Architect too. These posts can be filled by the head of CIA and Pentagon. Next comes the Chief Customer Engagement Officer to be taken by the Foreign Secretary. And CFO by the Finance Secretary. Great huh!!

Then President Obama can run America with full logic, and in well thought notions. Not surprising, but true. The Cs will not be the political hires and will represent more bureaucracy than politics. Good for the govt. but will have to see if it actually is good for the people too.

I am optimistic, and will be watching the development very closely.

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