Saturday, November 22, 2008

Global Analytics Preparing to Take on FICO

Fair Isaac ec-CEO Larry Rosenberger is now in the board of Directors for Global Analytics, a San Diego based Analytics firm with major operations center in Chennai, India. This is however not a new news, it has already been about 6 months old.

Interesting fact is that Larry is not the first person to join Global in near past. First Fair Isaac senior fellow Ted Crooks joined Global Analytics as VP for Business Development, who was followed by Chris and Steve. All these together is giving a feeling that Krishna, CEO Global Analytics, is preparing himself with a major battle with FICO. After all he is one of the person responsible for designing and building one of FICO's most successful product, FALCON.

Krishna started Global Analytics with his Falcon Team mate, Steve Biofore and few other folks. He started the company in 2003 and have been quite successful since then. While I joined Global Analytics in 2005, I was the 33rd employee of the company. Now the company has grown to above 120, and most of these people are involved in high end analytics. This makes GA one of the leading player in Analytics.

Global Analytics is heard to be expanding to UK, and have built a Fraud product for Banks. These developments have taken place after its tremendous success in serving Decision Management Services for the Sub-Prime market in US. fair
The two development happened last year i.e. the same year when Ted and Larry were brought in. And it is heard that Krishna and his team is working really hard to take the company to the next level. So, this year and next should be interesting to see on how Global Analytics moves ahead. If it gets the right strike, it would be no wonder to see GA taking FICO head-on in the Decision Management and Analytics Space.

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George said...

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