Monday, February 18, 2008

A 'Where's Waldo' Approach to Problem-solving

Adelino has come up with a manifesto for Problem Solving. I am a big fan of Adelino and have enjoyed this one like his blog. If you are interested in Marketing then I suggest to go through this one. It is really good (I am not discussing about the material here to give you the fun of firsthand reading). Hope you guys will like it.

Adelino de Almeida “We’ve all encountered bad solutions that come from bad problem-solving; heck, we’ve even encountered good solutions that were somehow generated from bad problem-solving…..All you need to become a proficient problem-solver is a basic understanding of the concept behind the Where’s Waldo books: unbeknownst to most, these books encapsulate all the wisdom necessary for sound problem-solving.”

Here is Adelino about the Manifesto ....
Adelino's Blog

And here's the place to download your copy.
View at Change This

Happy Reading!

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