Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Memories: Analytics Summit India 2008

(NIT Durgapur Welcoming The Participants for Aarohan 2008)

Analytics summit at the NIT Durgapur campus went well along side their technical festival, Aarohan. It was a fantastic day, Feb 15th, when students, professors and Industry leaders sit together and talk about Analytics.

(Stage Set for Aarohan and Analytics Summit)

The competition on the Business Case studies sponsored by Marketelligent went well and students gave their views on either of the two case studies.

Events that happened:
1. Speak on Retail Analytics by Bibek Karmakar from Wipro.
2. Future of Analytics Industry in India and World, from Anunay Gupta, COO, Marketelligent.
3. BI Tools Distribution to all participants from Salford Systems
4. Fight for Consulting Space, a comparison of Management Consulting, Market Research and
Analytics, from Bhupendra Khanal, Sr. Consultant, Marketelligent
5. Other speeches and case study presentations from Students.

(Anunay with his Presentation)
(Bhupendra with his talk)
(Bibek Karmakar Presenting Retail Analytics for Wipro)

Major take-aways from the NIT Summit.
1. India is a virgin market for Analytics.
2. People don't understand Analytics but are very receptive.
3. The player which teaches Analytics, teaches the mass and with speed will lead the Industry.

(Lokesh, the man behind the Summit)

Some pitches for download.
1. Case Studies 1
2. Case Study 2
3. Presentation : Fight for Consulting Space
4. About Marketelligent

(Relaxing after the summit; Ranjan from AdapChain)
(Sponsors Marketelligent and Salford Systems; partnership that made the Summit Happen)

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Aditya Dogra said...

Seeing such events of college make us nostalgic.till last year we are on one side of stage and now at anothers.Thanks for such post.

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