Friday, September 14, 2007

Marketelligent : Analytics with Business Sense

I am more than happy to write this blog entry. We have made an attempt to bridge the gap between Analytics and Marketing. I have joined a group of Marketing and Analytics folks, (Roy and Anunay), to start a Analytics and Consulting startup, Marketelligent.

We see lots of problems arising from not so good understanding between the Analysts and the Business Managers (mainly Marketeers). This is damaging for the company running in-house Analytics and more so for outsourcing or Consulting dependent companies. We plan to develop as a perfect bridge between the two mind-sets and overcome the problem. We will be selling Analytics Consulting products, and their Java implemented Software Equivalents (which clients can directly use in their software system). But more to this we will have exceptional value add to those clients who want to partner with us on off-sourcing or human resource sharing.

* Give us your Business Problems, we will give you our mind. You Give your hardest problem, we give our best mind.

* If you are looking for Analytics outsourcing, then we are ready to support with complete infrastructure. We can be your best possible partner.

* Marketelligent is the company who has all three capabilities. We sell Consulting Services, we implement the Analysis Results and Models to form Business Decisions and Strategies, and we also implement them in case you need.

Management Team
Roy K. Cherian, co-founder and CEO, has over 16 years of rich experience in marketing, advertising and media in organisations like Nestle India, United Breweries, FCB and Feedback Ventures. He is known for his passion for innovation, some of which have been recognized globally. Roy has done extensive and pioneering work on media, ROI modeling and marketing mix optimization.

Anunay Gupta, COO, has over 13 years of industry experience, with a significant portion focused on Analytics in Consumer Finance. He was a core member of the Risk Management team of American Express based in New York City, and held a leadership position with the off-shore Advanced Analytical Solutions group of Citigroup, based out of Bangalore.

Aim and Goal
It is started with a aim of adding one more dimension to the Marketing effort of companies. We plan to enhance business mainly through -
# Partnerships with prospective Business Houses (if you are interested please write to me)
# Client focussed, highly efficient project delivery model (yes, we are committed on this)
# Implementation of Customer Centric Marketing Design for clients helping them to build trust among customers by becoming customer loyal company.

We are open for any type of partnerships that is beneficial to both business houses. It can be in building Analytics Software products, Consulting, Off-shoring, Joint Marketing or Branded Analytics Product sale in Asia etc. Please contact me if you or your firm is looking for partnerships.

Where are we now
Marketelligent currently has office in Software Capital of India, Bangalore. Currently it has around ten people and we are currently hiring people from diverse background. Few Financial Analysts, Statistical Analysts, Analytics and Marketing Consultants and other industry experts have confirmed their joining in near future. And few technical SAS experts will be joining next month. (If you are looking for similar position in Bangalore then we can discuss).

We are having quite a few immediate requirements too. We are looking for Senior Analyst with Retail Industry experience. If you know anyone, please refer to me. I will really appreciate the help.

Our Services

Our services can add value to a wide range of businesses, and are broadly covered under three heads Consumer Goods/Retail, Banking/Consumer Finance, and Media.

In addition, we have outsourcing and consulting capabilities for Web Analytics and Web Marketing too. We help our clients to take the benefit Web Analytics throws and optimize their web marketing spend.


Madhusudhanan said...

Bhupendra, wish you and your new organisation all the very best !! Hope you'd continue to keep blogging !


Bhupendra said...

Thanks Madhu. We need them :).

I will certainly continue to blog. Its my first child even before marriage J, so noway I leave it.


James Taylor said...

Congratulations and good luck.

James Taylor
My ebizQ blog
Author of Smart (Enough) Systems

Bhupendra said...

Thanks James :).


John said...

Congratulations. Creating a start-up is exciting. I recently left Accenture to do just that and i've not looked back. Good luck


Bhupendra said...

Thanks John :).

zang said...

Nice Post
article rewrite

Chiranjit said...

In most of the cases people still believe that "Analytics" is just "good to have" and that will be a very big problem for the analytical companies in this economical meltdown.

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