Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Where’s Waldo Approach to Problem Solving

Thinking about what the topic means!! Well, I am also. I didn't chose the topic, but Adelino did. He is going to write a ebook on this topic that will teach how to solve the business problems.

This is all he says about his upcoming book.

"We’ve all encountered bad solutions that come from bad problem-solving; heck, we’ve even encountered good solutions that were somehow generated from bad problem-solving! In fact, I am sure that there are days when we feel trapped in a Dilbertian world of mangled logic in which decision makers seem to channel the babbling gods of fallacy. But our days in the office don’t have to be like that, problem-solving is less an art or science than a process, you don’t have to endure two semesters of formal logic to approach thorny business problems. All you need to become a proficient problem-solver is a basic understanding of the concept behind the Where’s Waldo books: unbeknownst to most, these books encapsulate all the wisdom necessary for sound problem-solving. So quit channeling the gods of fallacy and channel Elvis instead, this ebook lays out the basic rules of solid problem solving and will turn you into a decision-making pro. "
-- Adelino (on his book)

And that book is going to be free. WOW!! I am just excited to read the post about the launching of this book in Adelino's blog and I immediately thought to inform you all. He has a wonderful blog that teaches Marketing and Analytics inside it. It is worth spending sometime there too.

Lastly a important notice. Adelino wants to collect vote on whether he should write the book or not. If you want the book to come, you need to vote here.


Adelino de Almeida said...

Well Bhupendra, if I have any success with the ebook, I must give you credit for spreading the word :)

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Adelino. I am just eager to get the ebook. All the best for grand success.


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