Thursday, September 10, 2009

Track Clicks on your Tweet Links

As a Analyst, all like is data. I love the data, statistics and comparison. I was very happy to be the most followed person in Twitter (now I am not) few months back, but not very unhappy to have lost the place. Records and leads change, and thats the beauty part of it.

I like to count followers in Twitter, and I love to Tweet. Something I always wanted is to know how much click my Tweet links bring. None of the services provided that to me. gives the popularity of a unique URL or article, but it does not explain how much my tweet added to it.

so we started a URL Shortener, NXY.IN, to track individual Marketer's efficiency and to bring credibility to Twitter Marketing. It can track the clicks on URLs shortened irrespective of what other people do. If a long URL is shortened by five people, all will get different short URLs.

Do not forget to log in thro Twitter while trying it. Would love to get your feedback on the same.

Here are the URLs:

Next time you Tweet, go to NXY.IN --> shorten the URL --> post to Twitter

Then see the magical numbers -- the number of clicks for each URL you shortened :)

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