Wednesday, April 1, 2009 in Indian social investing space is an online community where anybody can share stock recommendations. Its differentiator from standard message boards and other social investing sites is its superior Investor Rating System, which rates each member (on a 5 star scale) based the performance past recommendations (stock picks) that the member has shared with the community in the past. For example if Arjun makes a stock pick to 'buy' hindustan lever for one month - tracks the return and the volatility of the stock during that period, and based on the average return, success rate, analysis quality and riskiness all of Arjun's stock picks, he is given an unbiased rating. is one of the later entrants into the Indian social investing space - but I daresay that it is the most credible player thus far.
On existing websites / messageboards users are anonymous, and even if they are rated they are likely rated by user feedback, rather than performance. This can be misleading, and indeed prone to abuse. In an environment where everybody and their grandmother is willing to provide stock market advice, and nobody knows who the real expert is (ever seen a fully disclosed track record for any of the so-called experts that come on CNBC? No? I thought as much...) -'s offer is really quite refreshing.

Other sites such as etc. are less focused on stock picking and and more focussed on discussion / chatting. Sites such as are more game / competition oriented - having some fun at no risk, rather than disseminating serious advice / ideas to get feedback from the community. seems to have, a far less sophisticated rating system - and its user interface is rather unprofessional looking. 
Another long term differentiator for - is a strong finance base of the management team. Both the CEO, Gautam Kshatriya and the CFO are ex-financial services management consultants from Ernst & Young, London. Their advanced understanding in finance should help them continue to fine tune their rating system to identify tomorrow's Star Stock Market Analysts!

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Its Nice bog for Business Analytics.
Thaks for sharing your Nice business information.

Tushar Makhija ( said...

Interestingly these are not InRev CEO - Bhupendra Khanal's views, this is a guest post. I am the Co-founder of and would like readers of this blog to check out and decide for themselves how it serves as a complete social investing community. From Stock Recommendations by the community, to Discussions, QnA and Portfolio Management stockezy provides a platform for like-minded investors to collaborate, share market insights and work together to make more informed financial decisions.

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