Monday, January 26, 2009


Very hard to define Leadership. I have been reading so much about Leadership and there are people who teach leadership, and there are Universities who certify Leadership. The effectiveness of such things is yet to be proved because Leaders have varied qualities. It is really hard to generalize them.

For me, Leadership is just a Decision. Decision to do things. There are three qualities of a Leader.

1. Takes a Decision 

World provides multiple ways to go, and everyone is in the state of confusion. This need not be complex business problems but problems that we face daily. Leaders take a decision, and make it his stand.

2. Defends his stand 

Leaders do not change their position often. They believe in their decision, and live by it. If a Leader finds that he is wrong, he immediately make a different and inform the World of his new decision and position. He is neither confused nor he keep others confused.

3. Convert the decision 

Decision which is not converted does not hold any value. The leader take all the necessary steps to prove the worth of his decision.

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Manish Mohan said...

You are assuming that the leader is always a male :-)

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