Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why Do You Blog?

Why Do You Blog? This is one of the common question people ask me. I have lots of reasons to do it. One of them being sharing my experiences to people around the World and get their views. This is a two way medium and I enjoy learning in this way than reading a book and giving lectures.

Many people find this reason of mine satisfactory, while others cross question. One of my friend asked me today, "Do you waste so much time just to do this?" Well, I had no answer for him. I told him to see my blog for the answer, and this post is the answer for it.

First thing is I don't feel I am wasting my time. I do it because I enjoy doing it. If I had not been blogging I would have been playing Age of Empires, Football or Chess. These are my favorite games. But the problem with the games is, you need a opponent and each time you win you need a better opponent to remain motivated. In team games, you will also need the team members and the necessary amenities!! And in this busy life, and an urban life its not easy to fulfill these requirements. So I choose to write blog.

Believe me, I started this out of my passion for Analytics field. And later took it forward as there were not many blogs that talk about Marketing Analytics, specially those who talk about the Technical Details. I am trying to address these in my blog.

Lately I found that blogging has helped me a lot; much more than I had thought it would. Few of my achievements are:

1. Strong Personal Network : I know a lot of people out of my college and companies I had been. This is possible by Networking Sites also, but blogging enhances without your personal effort of networking. I get at-least five Facebook and LinkedIn request every month. All this with lots of love from my readers. I simply love this.

2. Job offers : I get at-least one job offer every month. I don't know if everyone in the industry gets it, but I feel its the blog effect. Most of these offers mention reference to my blogging.
Other interesting thing is, you don't have to prepare for the job interviews!! People know your knowledge, and in the right way.

3. Marriage Proposals : Not many, but I have received a few. It is so great feeling to get such message from people you don't know. Things move or not, its certainly something to cheer.

With all these things in mind, I consider Blogging as one of the best possible medium to create Personal Brand. But when you consider Financial Factor, it has not helped for me directly. It has, however, opened doors for me to earn more!

This is all I have to say. Now its your turn. I am interested to know what you feel. Please share your experiences, views or comments. I would love to know what you think.


Deep Sherchan said...

For me its become a passion. Passion to keep observing and writing them down, sharing it will the world. Also, its a great way of sharing your knowledge, and building up confidence.

Not everytime, you would want to talk. Not everytime, you would want to make a point.

Sometime you just like to share things and blogging is a way.

But people have made their career on it. That's interesting.

For me its a way, not the destination. Probably, i would go blogging forever, non stop and see how I would grow in my thinking.

Bhupendra said...

Thanks for the comment Deep. I have been following your blogs and Knols closely and I am impressed with your passion for Analytics and Economic Research. You have a different way to look at issues, and you have something to say to the World. Keep up the good work.


binit said...

Some people have the birthright to interact with people...communication and interaction being their key *interests*...

For the duration I've known you, you are one of them.
Your blogs look so natural and smooth to me, I simply enjoy reading them! Great going, Bhupen.

Bibek Paudel said...

Wow ! Marriage proposals too ? thats sounds so interesting :D

Nice post !


LG said...

Me too agree with author. Writing a blog itself is a creativity and imagination. It not only helps writer but also helps those people who are seeking ideas of subject matter. So I always appreciate it.

But I do respect of other people's feeling. So I will not comment your friends feeling...

Great work... keep writing...

Bhupendra said...

Thanks Binit, Bibek and LG for all the good words. Loved to get your feedback.

Bibek, You are one of the most active political thinkers of Nepali Society now, and your articles in blog or Facebook are awesome. Things might just be in waiting for you!!Let me know when you get the first one! :D

Binit, I think there's something vital in every individual and you are one of the finest programmers I have known in life. Seriously speaking, I envy you for that!!

LG, taking moderate approach huh!! Fair enough. Its again an Entrepreneurial attitude and I like it. I have always been your fan for your style of thinking that all is right, but I chose this way.

-- Bhupendra

Lokesh Awasthy said...

Well I think the first reason is sufficient (and should include the bottom 2), and yes marriage proposals?? thats a bit desperate isnt it :P

Bhupendra said...

True Lokesh, first one is the most important. But yes, its a great feeling to get those marriage proposals :P

-- Bhupendra

brijesh tripathi said...

Hey, never knew the blogger in you -- of course, fault's mine, you were always there!
have just read a few and i tried my hands myself, but haven't really been regular -- at both blogging and blog flow(topics).
guess will have to try and try again.
good work and cheers, you have a subscriber!

Anonymous said...

No.3, maybe because of the smart guy smiling out of the photo on the top ? Tell us, is that really you :-P

- madhu

Bhupendra said...

Oh yeah!! Thats me. Thanks for the good words :)

Bhupendra said...

Thank you. Honored to have you as a subscriber.


आकार said...

satisfaction !

Deepali Nayak said...

u r a true inspiration for new bloggers like me !! trust me always wanted to be regular blogger but never did it ,, may be i ve to start of now!!

Thanks Bhupen

Bhupendra said...

Welcome to the blogging World. All the best!!


Anonymous said...

It is my only contact with the outside world.

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