Friday, November 14, 2008

Geeky Humans and Geeky Companies

Everyone in the world wants to be Geeky. Correct me if I am wrong.

This is something always true for humans. They want to show that they study less (but score more in exams), they don't mind even bigger things (but they mind every little things), they want to be seen as least possessive about their love (but its just that they don't want their partner to be, but in actual everybody is), and the list goes on.

Human loves criticizing self for actions but they wont ever do for the results. I have never seen people saying, I fail in exams or I am too fat or I am just too thin or I have tolerated my wife dating someone else ....

The reason might be ... everyone wants to prove they are smart enough not to work for better but have better results. So everyone wants to prove that he is smart and geeky.

But if you want to find yourself how much geeky you are I have a solution. I found for myself and now its your turn for yourself.

Just go and visit this page. And do not forget to share how geeky you are through comments here.

Now let us evaluate about the companies. Every company's main agenda is to earn and save, and grow. Have huge revenue, least expenses and awesome profits. But mostly companies don't share this information to the employees.

Reason : They want to look Geeky!!

I have seen a consulting company having very poor economic health, which is verge of bankruptcy, saying they offer such an extra-ordinary working environment to the employees that they send people to foreign trip even when there is no on-site assignment. WOW.

Great news. I would love to join this type of company. How about you?

One of my friend joined the company, and the very first month he discovered that they have not sent any employees abroad for last 2 years. He felt, he was cheated and went to the HR.

HR folks told him, "we are sorry, but we had to say that to look geeky. We will however try one foreign tour for you. Please do not disclose these matters to the outside world. You are one of us now, and we need to work to make things better here."

WOW!! Great Geeky Company!

My friend said he is going to resign the same day. The HR folks proposed to negotiate for extra compensation. He had no options but to accept it. After all he too had issues in changing companies often. He settled for the increased compensation and started preparing for GMAT and CAT. He seemed more geeky than the HR folks that day but he never actually got the increased compensation. :D

Does anyone have similar experience in your career? Do not forget to share, if you have any.

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