Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 Lessons from US Elections

I have learnt a lot of lessons from the US Elections, and I am sure everybody has. Let me just put my ten picks of the season.

1. When there is Economic Crisis, people vote for the opposition.
2. If you are too strong, you are too lazy to work hard! I doubt if McCain really worked hard in the initial campaigns.
3. Woman can never win a vote, specially if there's a Handsome guy against her. Sorry Hillary, Obama is Tall, Dark and Handsome!! Women vote for him instead.
4. Most of the time, it's the Taller guy who gets the vote, as he is seen from distance. Simply because majority of voters will never get close to an Candidate. Republicans, be prepared for the next election.
5. Never support a principle or a person, support the condition and the time. McCain!! Why did you support Bush? Didn't you know he failed US.
People have suddenly realized that he is the villain. They just mistakenly voted him to President twice.
6. Change is the mantra. Support change, be change and ask vote for change. After-all whole World is frustrated. They need change.
7. A sentence against Pakistan and some favor can win hearts of both the Pakistanis and Indians. NRI and NRP votes guaranteed.
8. When a tide comes, no one can stop. No logic can control. It just flows!! Obama!! Candidate Obama!!! President Obama!!
9. European supported Obama just because they hate Americans. Oh! Yeah!! Obama is an Non-American? Of-course, else how can he be against Outsourcing?
10. Use the Internet dudes! Now information age has come. And all you have to do is open a Facebook account and add Youtude videos.
People simply have no time to listen to News and Views brought by the media which don't listen to them. Now people want two way communication. If I add Obama and he accepts it, he is the one to vote. So I vote, and go and rate his Youtube video as my favorite.

Great Lessons!!

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