Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Glorious 100 Days for Marketelligent

Marketelligent is 100 Days old today. On the Golden jubilee occasion of the company I would like to share some experiences and our little achievements.

My Analytics Experience with Business Development Works:
Analytics Industry has become very competitive around the World but it is still serving very limited Industry Verticals. Mainly Banking, Retail and Pharma companies use Analytics extensively and Telecom, Insurance, IB, Charity, Marketing and Advertising etc are coming up.

We got chance to work in all of these verticals and I feel lucky for it. There are many challenges with each of these Industries, which Analytics can solve. But there are some challenges in adoption of Analytics also. The main problem being the non availability of reliable data.

Use of Analytics also varies from country to country. US is a huge and maturing market, Europe is moving fast and trying to catch their counterparts while most of Asia (apart from Japan) is still in the nascent stage.

Partners of Marketelligent:
I am very proud to tell you guys about our partners. We now have two active parters working with us, one each in US and Europe.

AvanTarget is our partner in Europe. Thanks Ruxandra. Partnership would not have been possible without her. Ruxandra is the key contact for Marketelligent in Europe. She has over 10 years of experience in International Marketing, Business Development, Strategy and Project Management. Before starting avanTarget , Ruxandra served Fair Isaac as Marketing Director.
Welcome Ruxandra and avanTarget to the partnership. May we have a long and successful ride together.
Zelcom Group is our partner in the United States. We are really proud to be a partner of Zelcom Group and I thank Robert Zelikson for giving it final shape. Through this partnership, Robert will be the key contact person for us in US.
Zelcom Group has been in the market for long and have built a reputation as a provider of high end Analytics Consulting in US. They are well known for reliability, quality Analytics solution, in and out time consulting, high efficiency and professional attitude.
Welcome Robert and his group to the partnership. Hope to have great time forward.

Client Base:
his is quite confidential and I may not be able to disclose everything at this point of time. But will give all what ever is possible.

We are working with ICICI Bank, largest non-government Bank in India, and few other Banks in India, US, Europe and Middle East.

We are working with few CPG companies in India and US, with few Retail Majors in India, few Banks and one Telecom company in Europe. Talks are on with few others.

We, the People:
We are 7 now and two more joining next week, and we work from various locations. Roy is in Gurgaon, while Vijay and Venkat are in Mumbai. Anunay and Sweta are with me here in Bangalore.

[We are looking for suitable people to join us. Anybody willing to have career with us may please contact me.]

I have been very lucky to have exciting readers for my blog. I keep on getting comments and suggestions through comments and mail. I really love my readers and enjoy reading what you have to say. Hope to have your support always.
If you have any comments or suggestion for me, my blog or my company, please comment in this post or write a mail to me. I would love to hear from you. I will be available at khanal[dot]bhupendra[@]gmail[dot]com.

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James Taylor said...

Just getting my new company off the ground here so I admire the 100day milestone.

James Taylor
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