Monday, August 6, 2007

Avinash Kaushik: Rewriting the Indian Knowledge Economy

Time magazine has gone farther than the BRIC report by Goldman Sachs in welcoming the coming Indian Economic dominance over the world. It is very well evident from the recent proceedings that US, China and India will map the new world politics in coming days. But Time's article has brought more than predictions, they are calling "Indian Remake" and not "Make". It is interesting to know the facts how South Asia went to become third world from World Dominance and took few hundred years to revive it.

Few interesting quotes from various articles in "Time".

"Today, things are slowly returning to historical norms. Last year the richest man in the U.K. was for the first time an ethnic Indian, Lakshmi Mittal, and Britain's largest steel manufacturer, Corus, has been bought by an Indian company, Tata. Extraordinary as it is, the rise of India and China is nothing more than a return to the ancient equilibrium of world trade, with Europeans no longer appearing as gun-toting, gunboat-riding colonial masters but instead reverting to their traditional role: that of eager consumers of the much celebrated manufactures, luxuries and services of the East."

"Over the past few years the world's biggest and rowdiest democracy has matched its political freedoms with economic ones, unleashing a torrent of growth and wealth creation that is transforming the lives of millions. India's economic clout is beginning to make itself felt on the international stage, as the nation retakes the place it held as a global-trade giant long before colonial powers ever arrived there."

"Twenty years ago the rest of the world saw India as a pauper. Now it is just as famous for its software engineers, Bollywood movie stars, literary giants and steel magnates."

I Congratulate all Indians for their success and wish them best for more.

Not to forget, in our mass of Analyst Bloggers there are few Indians at the top. Avinash Kaushik and Anil Batra are the two Indian Elites with us.

Among then, Avinash is the author of the famous Web Analytics book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and the owner of the No. 1 Web Analytics Blog, Occam's Razor. He has done same to Web Analytics and Analytics Blogosphere what L. N. Mittal did to the Steel Industry. He is in the way of writing a new Web Analytics paradigm. Any one can become his fan if he spend little time with his writings. They are very explanatory and rational, yet very practical. His book teaches the practical aspect of Web Analytics, which most other books does not do.

(Web Analytics: An Hour a Day with Occam's Razor)

I am particularly fascinated by his style of writing. All his articles are well written, supported by pictures and graphs, and all points well explained. He has very good tone of expression too. More to that he does almost everything for free. Not only the articles at his blogs are free, the earnings from his book is donated to the charity organizations. He just makes a perfect match to become the Google's Man. He is a Strategy Evengelist at Google. Apart from blogging and working for Google, he also give lectures on Web Analytics. So if you are interested in Web Analytics then you can find Avinash speaking somewhere and hear him. It may be one of the best learning experience that you can get in life.

Few of his posts which have impressed me much.

1. This post of his tell how to measure success of your blog or website when you don't do E-commerce. His recommendations are looking at these metrics: visitor loyalty, recency, length and depth of visit.

2. The second comes his post on work life balance. It shows the way to become highly acclaimed professional yet a value being.

3. Passion, love and skill for the subject are the three components that make a successful manager. The third article has the seven skills to look in a Web Analytics Manager.

(Avinash Kaushik)

Avinash is rewriting the Indian Story from a different front. He is leading the way in the knowledge Economy. I have heartiest congratulations for Avinash for reaching this peak.

Hope we get more from Avinash and many more Avinashs from India.

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