Friday, July 6, 2007

Some Business Opportunities in Nepal

I am being quite patriotic today. I had once made a study about the business opportunity that Nepal provides today. I have not taken any political or social issues. It is just with the economics.

I had written this post in other blog of mine. This is just a copy of it.

  1. Tea export to Pakistan

Pakistan, one of our closest neighbors is second largest importer of tea (after US) and there is no active tea trade between India and Pakistan. Currently Pakistan imports Tea from China and Kenya. There leaves a room for Nepal to export Tea to Pakistan.

  1. Export of Nepali Forest Product to India, China and rest of the world

Bhutan has made good progress in exporting forest products like paper and furniture to two of our giant neighbors. Nepal with huge forest and varied vegetation can tap this opportunity.

  1. Back-office Pharmaceutical Production

Indian Pharmaceutical companies are doing too well in the Global Pharmaceutical Market especially in generic segment. There are very few reasons why Nepali companies cannot tap that market. Also, many global giants are focusing more on brand management and marketing outsourcing the production. Nepal, a country between India and China is an ideal production base for multinational targeting these two countries.

  1. Business Process Outsourcing from US, EU, ASEAN, India

India is now the most preferred outsourcing destination for most MNCs, but the market is maturing due to the shortage of qualified manpower and high salary rise. This brings Nepal into the outsourcing picture in supplementing India.

  1. Travel and Tourism

A country with varied vegetation having as much as 8 National Parks, 6 Forest Reserves, 2 Conservation Area and 1 hunting area is clearly one of the best green tourism destination in the world. To add to it, there are many holy hindu and Buddhist sites like Pashupati Nath, Janaki Temple, Swayambhu, Lumbini etc. Not to forget is Himalayas with Mount Everest.

  1. Hotel and Hospitality, and Real Estate

The tourism potential explains the importance and potential of hotel and hospitality, and real estate sector of Nepal. Nepal is sure to become a good economy in the years ahead as a fine tourism destination and a market place with the likes of Mauritius, Switzerland, and Singapore.

  1. Financial Institution (IB, Venture Capital, Mutual funds etc)

Retail Banking has survived very hard times in Nepal. Even when many companies were dying, these banks stood strong with the constant liquid flow into the economy in the form of remittances. Now, the market is poised to grow to other types of FIs like Investment Banking, Venture Capital, and Mutual fund.

  1. Infrastructure (Power and Transportation)

Nepal has second largest potential for Hydropower after Brazil and both of the neighbors (India and China) are hungry for energy. So, there are the resources and there is the market. It is just about tapping it at the earliest and benefiting that is in waiting.

Also, Nepal has very weak transportation system. It will need private investment in both traditional ways like Road, Railway and Airport, as well as non-traditional ways like Rope ways. Nepal can be one of the biggest market for Rope Way Companies.

  1. Apple export

Nepal produces on of the best quality Apple (in Humla and Jumla). They are searching market for centuries and now is the time when world should get chance to taste those sweet apples.

  1. Healthcare

Sri Lanka has done much in the field of Ayurveda and now Kerala is following it. Nepal has the cold climate and the herbs. It is the market awaiting investment. Also, there is huge opportunity in other forms of Healthcare services Nepal can provide to the world in far more competitive price than Philippines or India.

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wow bro.i was searching for some info abt potentials nepal still has.i ilke it!

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