Monday, June 18, 2007

Fair Isaac enters Web Analytics space

First the machine for optimizing the Search Engine Marketing and then the research on click fraud, these two events makes the entry of Fair Isaac into the Web Analytics space. Time will tell how Fair Isaac uses its knowledge outside Web Space to the world of Web. It may or may not be successful financially but one thing is sure, Fair Issac entry will bring a major change in the Web Analytics world.

Fair Isaac said it has tested the SEO machine for marketing its website and has attained considerable success. And FI expects good return from the market with this product. Few people say, it may happen that the major search engine providers change their algorithm and this machine go obsolete anytime. But regular updates from FI can be expected, after knowing its good track record of maintaining the services in the likes of leading credit score in the United States, the FICO Score (FICO Score is used by many banks to control their credit risk for more than two decades). It will be interesting to see how much business FI makes out of it when it releases SEO Machine to the market.

Second take up is the bigger one. When FI's limited research has shown the click fraud rate to be alarmingly high (as high as 10-15%, Google and Yahoo says it is less than 1%), a huge success may be in waiting for FI. Fair Isaac has many years of experience in controlling fraud in many industries like Financial, Telecoms and Insurance, and owns the best fraud fighter FALCON (fraud detection software for Credit Cards). People at Google and Yahoo (or their fans or partners) has defended FI's claim saying FI knows fraud but not click fraud, while it could be otherwise too, Google and Yahoo know click but may not know fraud. I don't undermine this possibility too. I will just be eagerly waiting for FI to bring its complete research paper, till then just wait and watch. (News Update and Googles response)

The entry of FI into Web world may not limit to these researches. It has the analytic capability to come up with full fledge Web Analytics Enterprise solution or its like and I would not be surprised if something of this kind happens in future. As a web savvy and a analyst, I welcome the World's first Analytics Company and leader of Decision Management Industry to the Web Analytics World. May it brings a considerable change, and all the change happen for good.

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Anonymous said...

Good comments...hopefully we will discover a whole world of unexplored fraud out there in the virtual world....
Its time you changed your picture though!

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