Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Evil of Portfolio Analysis

Recently I have noticed many people involved in Analytics industry being denied Credit Card in India by the issuing banks. It was quite surprising as in almost all respect they were liable for getting it.

Well there was a evil of portfolio analysis playing against them, which was not cared by those folks in the industry. Those were ...

1. They did not have "Software Engineers/Lead/Manager" in their posts but had Analyst, Consultant etc.

if (software Engineer) then accept;
else reject;

2. They did not had "Software" in their company name.

if (company name contains software) then accept;
else reject;

3. They did not have "Software" in their industry name.

if(industry=software) then accept;
else reject;

These rules were probably made by the analyst themselves by doing the portfolio analysis. To add more trouble, they did not regarded themselves as a part of IT or Software industry and rather called themselves as involved in Vertical solutions or Analytics or Decision Management.

I and few of my friends were rejected by few banks and then later tried writing company type as software company and industry as IT/Software. We then received not only a card but many more other offers too.

Folks, if you are in a non-software company you may be facing this problem. It is nothing of your problem rather its the banker's weakness. Risk officers at the banks may need to look at this issue and trap the potential market. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

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